[TLContrib] How do I properly modify an existing map file?

Leo Liu leoliu.pku at gmail.com
Tue Mar 27 13:08:04 CEST 2012


> Instead of providing a new configuration that makes everyting more 
> complicated, what about the following approach (Karl!), which I think
> is the cleaneast approch
> - we include a line
> 	include zhmCJK.map
>   in texfonts.map
> - we ship an empty zhmCJK.map in TEXMFMAIN or TEXMFDIST as default file
> - the zhmetric package in its post installation creates a new file
>   in TEXMFSYSCONFIG (which overrides TEXMFMAIN/TEXMFDIST) zhmCJK.map
> - the subsitution process uses the *newer* file in TEXMFSYSCONFIG
>   (KARL: How is texfonts.map actually used? Does the above work?)
> Would that work?

Yep, it would work. I think it would be fine.
And I think it will work fine even if there is not an empty zhmCJK.map, it seems

> Yes, that is exactely the idea of the kanjiEmbed setting...

Thanks, I didn't know that. The jfontmaps bundle still needs a updmap run, right?
I think zhmCJK goes a little further, in the macro package it use pdfTeX's primitive
\pdfmapline and dvipdfmx's \special{pdf:mapline ...} to do the stuff without any

Best wishes,

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