[NTG-pdftex] vf font expansion bug

Robert w.m.l at gmx.net
Fri Mar 27 01:57:33 CET 2020

Thanks for looking into this. I've tested both Thanh's and your patch
and both seem to work fine.

On 24.03.20 22:29, Karl Berry wrote:
> The first two, about failing to make cmr10+100 and cmr10-100 at the
> first \pdffontexpand, are expected.  (Robert, to answer one of your
> questions: although you're right that those fonts will never be used,
> and the doc is not exactly clear on this point [I'll try to improve it],
> the reality is that pdftex immediately tries to make fonts for the
> stretch/shrink limit when it processes \pdffontexpand. I don't think
> this could/should be changed.)

I agree.

On 26.03.20 22:49, Karl Berry wrote:
> My understanding is that there was nothing wrong with what Robert is
> doing (though it is unusual). Therefore I see no reason for a
> message. The prior behavior was just a bug. pdftex should simply behave
> correctly.


All best,

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