[NTG-pdftex] Line breaks in pdftex log

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Aug 7 01:40:12 CEST 2019

    > It occurred to me that a general option to allow any config setting from
    > the command line (like ssh -o) sounds viable. 

For the record, I just committed some changes to implement this to the
TeX Live svn repository (r51830). I chose the option name --cnf-line.

It will be available (TL 2020, I don't know if distros will pick it up
sooner) in kpsewhich and all engines except the Lua/MetaPost-related
programs, which don't share the common source that I modified
(web2c/lib/texmfmp.c). I asked Luigi Scarso to look into implementing it
for those as well.

If anyone tries it out from the development sources and notices problems
(not exceptionally unlikely, sorry to say), let me know.

Thanks for the impetus :). --karl

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