[NTG-pdftex] [PATCH v3] pdftex - Add support for encfile and \pdfgentounicode for PK fonts

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Mar 30 01:58:06 CEST 2017

I installed the patch, thanks.

But I admit I am still confused about the documentation. It's clear that
with this new patch, both
\pdfmapline{cmr10 <7t.enc}
get the same output -- cmr10.3600pk and cmr10.600pk are embedded
separately. That's what we want.

But, as I read the documentation, this is the exact opposite of what it
calls a "scalable Type 3" font. pdftex-t.tex says:

    Lines containing nothing apart from {\em tfmname} [now, possibly
    with a re-encoding] stand for scalable Type~3 fonts. For scalable
    fonts as Type~1, TrueType and scalable Type~3, all the fonts loaded
    from a \TFM\ at various sizes will be included only once in the
    \PDF\ output. Thus if a font, let's say \type{csr10}, is described
    in one of the map files, then it will be treated as scalable. As a
    result the font source for csr10 will be included only once for
    \type{csr10}, \type{csr10 at 12pt} etc. So \PDFTEX\ tries to do its
    best to avoid multiple embedding of identical font sources. 

But here, with or without the re-encoding, we are embedding cmr10
separately from cmr10 at 60pt.

In other words, as far as I can see, scalable Type 3 fonts in the sense
of the current documentation are not supported at all. (After your first
patch and before today's patch, accidentally, they were supported when a
re-encoding was given but not otherwise.)

Am I getting things backward?

I believe the original idea of scalable Type 3 was that the font code
itself would do the scaling to different sizes; that's why the font only
had to be included once. Like a Type 1. But since the demise of PGC
et al., that was no longer operative.

To sum up, I think the current behavior is good, and I should change the
manual to get rid of PGC stuff, get rid of the phrase "scalable Type 3",
and explain the current behavior.



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