[NTG-pdftex] Adding support of \pdfxform to synctex

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Fri Apr 21 08:55:35 CEST 2017

On 4/21/2017 1:25 AM, Karl Berry wrote:
> Hi Jerome,
> I suppose this is related to the synctex/pdfxform bug. TIA :).
>     can I assume that \pdfxform are shipped out at the very end of a
>     regular page
> I don't know. As far as I can see from a quick look at the sources, it's
> shipped out as a whatsit, in which case I suppose other whatsits could
> come after it. I don't know if \immediate\pdfxform (to ship it out in
> the midst of a page) does anything, or if that case matters.
> I hope one of the many other people on this list who knows more than me
> about pdftex behavior can answer you more definitively.
>     and that it will be the case in the future or so ?
> Whatever the behavior is now, I do not foresee it ever changing. -k

normally one will wrap an image in a box so when boxes are synctex'd 
you're ok ... whatsits are officially an extension mechanism so they can 
be anything and normally they're ignored by the code (forms are sort of 
a weird exception because they have dimensions which means that in the 
pdftex engine there has to be explicit testing for whatsits oif that kind)


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