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Bugs item #4352, was opened at 2012-08-06 15:29
Status: Open
Priority: 3
Submitted By: Emmanuel Beffara (xunam)
Assigned to: Nobody (None)
Summary: "Badly formed number" errors 
Category: Fonts
Group: None
Resolution: None

Initial Comment:
For some time (can't remember precisely when it started) I have been getting errors for PDFs using my "French Cursive" font family. There are many things involved when this bug happens, so it is hard to pinpoint exactly where it comes from, but I have the impression it might happen in pdfTeX.

It happens with PDF documents generated by pdfTeX using some particular fonts. The symptom is error messages of the form

    Error (2319): Badly formatted number

when viewing the PDFs using any software that uses the Poppler library. The number in the messages is variable. Despite these messages, documents are properly displayed and printed.

Any document using the current CTAN version of frcursive exhibits this problem. I attach a minimal example of a font that also produces the error. The procedure of the included Makefile is:
 1. make the PFB font and the TFM file from the MF source, using mftrace
 2. compile a minimalistic document with pdftex
 3. convert it to PS using pdftops (which uses poppler)
Step 3 produces the error message.

I should add that I experimented a bit on this minimal example:
  - if I make the PDF using tex and dvipdfm, the error disappears (which is why I though pdftex was part of the bug)
  - if I change the character width from -0.111 pt# to e.g. 0.111 pt# or -0.11 pt#, the error disappears


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