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Mon Apr 6 01:23:10 CEST 2009

Bugs item #884, was opened at 2007-11-27 09:53
>Status: Closed
Priority: 2
Submitted By: Robert (schlcht)
Assigned to: The Thanh Han (hanthethanh)
Summary: Letterspacing and non-autoexpanded fonts 
Category: hz
Group: v1.40.5
>Resolution: Wont Fix

Initial Comment:
While auto-expanding letterspaced fonts works fine now,
there still is a problem with non-automatic expansion.
The following will complain about a missing tfm file.

It doesn't make a difference whether the expanded font
instance is created from an mf file (like below), via
`ExtendFont' in the map file, or even whether it was
created from a MM font (ie., the expanded instance
actually exists as a pfb file).
The latter case is what bothers me the most.

\pdfmapline{ cmr10}
\font\cmr=cmr10 \cmr
\letterspacefont\cmrls=\cmr 100
\pdffontexpand\cmrls 100 0 100 %autoexpand
\parfillskip 0pt

PS: what about the `invalid entry' complaint for the
map lines? Are they not legal?


>Comment By: The Thanh Han (hanthethanh)
Date: 2009-04-05 23:23

Re: the invalid entry: it should be something like this:

\pdfmapline{+cmr10+100 <cmr10+100.pfa}

(the fontfile must be present, otherwise pdftex will complain)

Re: the problem with \pdffontexpand: what happens here is as follows:

\letterspacefont\cmrls=\cmr 100 => pdftex creates a font named cmr10+100ls in memory

\pdffontexpand\cmrls 100 0 100 autoexpand => pdftex creates another font from cmr10+100ls, and name it cmr10+100ls+100
without "autoexpand", pdftex would look for a tfm file named cmr10+100ls+100.tfm, and henc cmr10+100 would not be loaded.

yes this is a problem, however not a bug. And there is no easy way to get this work, I am sorry but have to close this as "won't fix".


Comment By: Robert (schlcht)
Date: 2007-12-19 16:42

Logged In: YES 

> A map line needs either a psname (for not-embedded fonts) 
> or the file name (for embedded fonts)

The manual seems to suggest otherwise (re scalable Type 3
fonts). Also, older pdftex versions wouldn't throw a
warning, but use the Type 3 font instead.


Comment By: Martin Schröder (oneiros)
Date: 2007-11-27 10:05

Logged In: YES 

A map line needs either a psname (for not-embedded fonts) or
the file name (for embedded fonts)


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