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Mon Apr 6 01:10:08 CEST 2009

Bugs item #2100, was opened at 2008-10-08 22:18
>Status: Closed
Priority: 3
Submitted By: Stefan Becuwe  (sbecuwe)
Assigned to: Nobody (None)
Summary: colors on page influenced by included pdf image 
Category: PDF inclusion
Group: v1.40.8
>Resolution: Rejected

Initial Comment:
I've got a problem with defined colors on a page when I include a pdf image.
The original file (regression-org.pdf) is included on the second page: blue and red on that page are different from the blue and red on the other pages.  However, if I convert the included pdf image to ps via pdftops and back to pdf via pstopdf (regression.pdf), there's no problem as shown on the last page.  Is this a bug in pdftex, or am I using an "incorrectly" generated pdf image file, since a double conversion seems to produce the correct output?  (I'm using texlive's 2008 pdftex 1.40.9)

Best regards



>Comment By: The Thanh Han (hanthethanh)
Date: 2009-04-05 23:10

I confirm the problem, but this doesn't seem a bug of pdftex. We will reopen this if more evidence is provided.  


Comment By: Martin Schröder (oneiros)
Date: 2008-10-10 08:56

I don't think the problem here is transparency (I don't find a /Group), but ICC, as regression-org.pdf uses an /ICCbased colorspace. Oh, and I get the same colours here with 1.40.9 and AR8 on Linux.


Comment By: Heiko Oberdiek (oberdiek)
Date: 2008-10-10 08:13

It's a known problem of later AR versions if transparency
is involved. Then AR seems to be using a different
method for displaying the page and colors may change.
PostScript doesn't support transparency, thus converting
to PS and back to PDF gets rid of the transparency.

Tested with:
* AR7/Linux, AR8/Linux: wrong displayed colors
* AR5/Linux: correct colors
* xpdf3.00: correct colors
* gs8.54: correct colors, but warnings for second page:
  CS/cs (setcolorspace) operand not a name:
  [/ICCBased -dict-]
* gs8.62: fails on page two with /unknownerror.

Yours sincerely
  Heiko <oberdiek at uni-freiburg.de>


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