[NTG-pdftex] Synchronization

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Tue Feb 12 15:23:12 CET 2008

LAURENS Jérôme wrote:
> Le 12 févr. 08 à 09:39, Taco Hoekwater a écrit :
>>>> The purpose of the lower precision in synctex end is simply to  
>>>> reduce  the size of the auxiliary output file.
>>>> If we use full resolution, then the size increases by 40%, which  
>>>> is - very- significant because I/O operations are involved.
>>>> 8192 is the best choice for that purpose.
>> It would be interesting to have the full precision as an option.
>> A macro package for two-pass page break optimization may want to
>> use the synctex file also , and such a package would really need
>> full precision to avoid rounding errors.
> I am not in favour of adding complexity to synctex out of its original  
> purpose.
> I can't see how .synctex would benefit a page breaker.
> Conversely, basing extension on the synctex file will add limitations  
> to both the extension and synctex.
> can you elaborate?

I could, but no time. And it was not important anyway.

Best wishes,

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