[NTG-pdftex] Synchronization

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Tue Feb 12 13:07:42 CET 2008

LAURENS Jérôme wrote:

> http://itexmac.sourceforge.net/synchronize+Frames.pdf
> If you take a look at pages 5-9, you will see exactly the information  
> the synctex auxiliary file provides.
> This is far better than former specials or pdfsync.
> I can't measure for sure, but to give just an idea, I would say that  
> with this information, I can synchronize 99% of the characters,
> and 99.9% of the lines.

btw, this all depends on the kind of document, (e.g. xml input where 
data is filtered from the tree is trikcy), but for traditionally edited 
tex docs this is probably true (apart from tables of contents, lists, 
generated info, but ther one can disable the mechanism)

> So I am not sure that a \injectsuchapositionhere would be of great help.
> Maybe adding meta information/comment would help.

it depends; i use \pdfsavepos cum suis lots of time (sometimes docs with 
many thousands of positions, and megabytes of multipass files) but this 
is different from a sync features (positional info carries much more 
info around)

just wondering ... why do you use h: and g: ? i can also imagine that 
you just use the node id (hlists and glues are just a few types)

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