[NTG-pdftex] Synchronization

LAURENS Jérôme jlaurens at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Feb 12 12:36:15 CET 2008

Le 12 févr. 08 à 11:10, Hans Hagen a écrit :

> LAURENS Jérôme wrote:
>> Le 12 févr. 08 à 09:26, Hans Hagen a écrit :
>>> LAURENS Jérôme wrote:
>>>> \tracesynctexpositions=0:disabled
>>>> \tracesynctexpositions=1:math, kern, glue, hbox
>>>> \tracesynctexpositions=2:add noads
>>>> \tracesynctexpositions=3:add some whatsits
>>> so, variant 2 and 3 are influencing the node lists (I assume that   
>>> this does not influence the outout i.e. no inhibiting of the   
>>> \last... primitives etc (sometimes whatsits can get in the way)
>> Actually, absolutely no new node is created, unlike srcltx, src-  
>> specials and pdfsync
>> This is why there won't be compatibility problems with already   
>> existing macros.
> ok, so 2 is not 'add noad's (which are nodes -) but 'add info to  
> more nodes'

yes, I meant "add more nodes to the list of observable nodes"...

>>> (btw, i then assume that there is also an implicit position   
>>> insertion possible, like \injectsuchapositionhere or so)
>> not yet.
> maybe it makes sense to add such a primitive

>> The idea would be something like
>> \marksynctexposition{blah}
>> or
>> \synctexcomment{blah}
>> where blah is something related to the content, but I do not know  
>> yet  how it should be designed
> hm, adding labels would add more info to the log file (which you  
> want to keep small)

The preliminary explanations about synchronization (packed with the  
early versions of the patch)
is available at


If you take a look at pages 5-9, you will see exactly the information  
the synctex auxiliary file provides.
This is far better than former specials or pdfsync.
I can't measure for sure, but to give just an idea, I would say that  
with this information, I can synchronize 99% of the characters,
and 99.9% of the lines.
So I am not sure that a \injectsuchapositionhere would be of great help.
Maybe adding meta information/comment would help.

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