[NTG-pdftex] Can PdfTeX vary font weight ?

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Wed Dec 17 01:17:29 CET 2008

Hans Hagen writes:
 > Philip TAYLOR wrote:
 > > Typesetting the 2008 Christmas Letter (in Computer Modern
 > > Roman 10pt scaled \magstep 1}, I was dismayed to find
 > > that both on-screen and on paper the font is depressingly
 > > light; on a bran(d) new HP CP1215 colour laserprinter,
 > > the top of the lower-case "s" definitely breaks up.
 > > I assume that  this arises from the Bluesky type-1
 > > outlines that PdfTeX presumably uses, but I wondered if
 > > there is any way for PdfTeX to artificially increase
 > > the weight (well, really the stroke width, but I know
 > > that's asking too much !).
 > % low level hack because PT does not use context and therefore
 > % cannot use the high level interface:

Well, the easiest solution is to use another font.  I suppose that
Phil insists on Computer Modern in order to honor Knuth's work.

But if (and only if) you exactly know that the only output device is
an HP CP1215 colour laserprinter, there is no reason to use so-called
"scalable fonts" at all.  You can instruct metafont to create
optimized bitmap fonts for exactly that output device.  And as far as I
remember there is even a variable called "blacker"...


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