[NTG-pdftex] 2GB limit and Windows

Peter Rolf peter.rolf at arcor.de
Wed Oct 31 19:44:43 CET 2007

David Kastrup schrieb:
> Akira Kakuto <kakuto at fsci.fuk.kindai.ac.jp> writes:
>> Hi David,
>>> do I understand correctly from the discussions and Svn logs that
>>> PDFTeX is now ready to create large PDF files under GNU/Linux, but the
>>> same can't be said of Windows?
>> Please test the binary of W32TeX (1.50.0-alpha),
>> and teach me the problem.
> Uh, I asked whether I understand correctly.  I did not say that I
> _did_ understand correctly or tested anything.
> Where would I be able to download this binary?
>> I myself don't have tested the large file.
> I'll probably not be able to test this before Friday on a Windows test
> system (tomorrow is a local holiday) and before Monday on the
> production system.  So if anybody has a good suggestion for a simple
> enough test setup that would enable Akira to test drive the executable
> without putting me in the feedback loop, this would make things move
> somewhat faster.
The easiest and fastest way that I can think of is attaching a huge file
(memory dump, backup file, ..).

Maybe you can use creatfil.exe from the 'Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit'.


Taken from the description:

'Create File (CreatFil) is a command-line tool that creates a blank file
of a specified size, filled with space characters. This is useful for
testing the behavior of tools, applications, and setup programs under
conditions of low available memory on a hard disk.'

Simply create a dummy file of desired size and attach it to a small pdf
document. Of course this will only work if pdftex doesn't compress the
attached file. I have no experience with attachments, so I just don't
know if this works.

I can send you a 3GB test file per mail (packed size 19KB) :D


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