[NTG-pdftex] pdftex in dvi mode and reading JPEG files

Eric.Brunet at lps.ens.fr Eric.Brunet at lps.ens.fr
Wed Oct 25 16:27:12 CEST 2006


Thank you for your answer,

> Heiko Oberdiek Wrote:
> > I have always found annoying that pdftex and latex don't accept the same
> > formats of image files (jpg,png,pdf versus eps). It doesn't really make
> But there are lots of different drivers: dvips, dvipsone, VTeX, ...
> The main problem is a missing standard for graphics inclusion and other
> things that extends the DVI format specification.

I agree, doing things perfectly is a huge task. But, hey, one needs to
start somewhere. Having dvips working would already be something...

> There is no need to patch, dvips already can convert and embed
> files on the fly. (See the last argument of \DeclareGraphicsRule,
> check dvips (configuration) options for enabling the feature,
> if it is disabled.)

Well, solutions such as
	\DeclareGraphicsRule{.jpg}{eps}{}{`jpeg2ps -r0 #1}
are not really satisfactory: even if your correspondants use the same
driver as you do, they need to have an extra program installed, and they need
to have a very unsecure option enabled. (Do you really like the idea that
``latex foobar && dvips foobar -o'' might erase all your files if foobar
was written with bad intentions ?)

The most important problem is that if you want to be compatible with what
pdflatex does wehn including a jpeg file without specifying its size, you
need to invoke ``jpeg2ps -r0'' for jpg files with a resolution in the
JFIF segment, and ``jpeg2ps -r72'' for jpg files without a resolution, so
you cannot have everything working correctly with a simple
\DeclareGraphicsRule invocation. That is very annoying ! Is there a
better programm than jpeg2ps out there ?

Of course, my patch simply does the same thing as jpeg2ps from within
dvips, but without the senseless rescaling. The only difference is that
it is more robust (no problem fiddling with the options of jpeg2ps), and
no need for the unsecure shell-escapes.
> No need for this, look at package bmpsize!
That is great. I didn't know that wonderfull package. Unfortunately, I
cannot test it right now because my pdftex is too old, but I'll remember
it exists.

Thanks !

	Éric Brunet

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