[NTG-pdftex] making links work in rotated text

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Thu Mar 2 16:43:17 CET 2006

Vladimir Volovich wrote:
> Hi Pawe�,
> "PJ" == Pawe� Jackowski writes:
>  PJ> Annotations position is absolute. pdfman says that is for sake of
>  PJ> speed and don't think anybody will touch it in 'not too distant
>  PJ> future' -)
> sad. currect situation is simply *broken*.
not broken, it's just not supported and this is a known limitation; 
annotations have their own layer in pdf and one could as well consider 
it a limitation of the pdf format that it has annotations not as part of 
the text stream

in order to support this properly we need something

  \pdfcm set|reset|push|pop num num num num num num

the tricky thing is that

- pdftex needs to apply the values to the annots dimensions directly 
(not delayed to shipout)
- because sometimes we need to add info to objects (resources, annot 
dicts) we also need

  \pdfcmdimen <dimen> which returns the dimen with the applied current cm

so that we can do things like [0 0  \the\pdfcmdimen\wd0 \space 
\the\pdfcmdimen\ht0] and alike

and this should cooperate nicely with the already present cm stuff in 
pdftex (recently cleaned up by hartmut, so maybe he can foresee where 
things may fail

one should be careful with annotation anyway, annotation based 
multimedia features sometimes fail to scale/rotate, but that's a biewer 
problem; nowadays one can at least specify that annotation follow the 
page rotation (in the viewer; NoZoom NoRotate flags)


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