[NTG-pdftex] Re: [pdftex] Math Pdftex extensions ?

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Sun Jan 15 20:11:02 CET 2006

Paul Pichaureau wrote:

>  Dear all,
>  As I'm a fanatic a beautiful typography, I'm following your work on
>pdftex with great attention, especially enjoying the pdftex extensions
>already implemented (microtype and all the hz stuff).
>  Anyway, I'm wondering if you plan to extend pdftex in order to
>improve the mathematical typography of TeX. I'm developping a big set
>of mathematical fonts (called mathdesign) and I'm quite aware of the
>problems of TeX in this domain.
>I've precise points in mind: mathematical accents, radical with left
>and right delimiters, and, of course, the insufficiencies of the tfm
>format. But you already know that better than me.
>So, this is my question: is it planned to improve some of these points
>in the future ?
if you can point out the specific things that you want to be supported, 
the pdftex dev team can look into it

after all, pdftex is also a playground for new tex functionality (within 
reasonable bounds)


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