[NTG-pdftex] Re: Optimizing the generated pdf

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Mon Nov 21 09:34:57 CET 2005

Hartmut Henkel wrote:

>Against this might also be that it seems that the only reason why pdftex
>currently can't write the PDF to stdout is that it has to seek and write
>the /Length. Are there other places where it backs up? So if we could
>get rid of this only (?) seek (without writing a separate /Length
>object) e. g. by buffering the streams in the memory (which should be
>harmless, given the current memory sizes), we would gain the stdout
eh ... only as option; 500 meg files are no exception here (sometimes 
even more than a gig; mostly due to huge graphics)


>Yes. As a tiny start, maybe we should remove all redundant spaces like
>in "/Type /Page" (a tip from this Fat PDF paper).
hm, do we really need to end up with the same ugly pdf as other progs 
produce? i kind of like the current clean (kind of readable) pdf that 
pdftex provides

removing duplicates, ok, but decreasing readablility of the pdf file ... 
(ok, i know that not many people look into the source, but ...)


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