[NTG-pdftex] missing cropbox

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Thu Mar 3 16:23:29 CET 2005

Martin Schröder wrote:

> <quote src="PDFReference16.pdf", page=891>


> The crop box defines the region to which the contents of the page
> are to be clipped (cropped) when displayed or printed. Unlike the
> other boxes, the crop box has no defined meaning in terms of
> physical page geometry or intended use; it merely imposes
> clipping on the page contents. However, in the absence of
> additional information (such as imposition instructions specified
> in a JDF or PJTF job ticket), the crop box determines how the
> pages contents are to be positioned on the output medium. The
> default value is the pages media box.
> </quote>
> Notice the last sentence.

the problem is that "in the beginning of pdf" there were only the mediabox and 
the cropbox; so, having better defined specs is fine, but we do have to deal 
with older graphics, and the main thing i have in mind is strategies, so, either 
we implement something in pdftex, or we need access to the info so that we can 
implement strategies

\pdfgetimagebox artbox|trimbox|cropbox|... {filename}

(zero when not present)

btw, currently a test

\setbox0\hbox{\pdfximage \pdfimagepagenumber ArtBox{...}}

results in an inclusion; is there a reason why unreferences images are included? 
  i think that even

\setbox0\hbox{\pdfximage \pdfimagepagenumber ArtBox{...}\pdfrefximage\pdflastximage}

should not lead to an inclusion unless box 0 is flushed

ps. ghostscript is unaware of other than media/cropboxes, and artbox and such 
get lost in conversion; i already filed this as a bug

it's a pitty that this kind of stuff was not already sorted out in the pdf 1.1 


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