[NTG-pdftex] 1.30.0-beta-20050615

Martin Schröder martin at oneiros.de
Wed Jun 15 18:19:20 CEST 2005

src/pdftex-1.30.0-beta-20050615.zip should be on sarovar.

Here's the proposed NEWS:
pdfTeX 3.141592-1.30.0 was released on 2005-06-??

- Some primites have been renamed; the old names will still work, but are
  deprecated and give a warning that they are obsolete:
    \pdfoptionpdfminorversion         -> \pdfminorversion
    \pdfoptionalwaysusepdfpagebox     -> \pdfforcepagebox
    \pdfoptionpdfinclusionerrorlevel  -> \pdfinclusionerrorlevel

- pdfxtex (introduced with 1.20a) is gone; all extensions are now in pdftex.

- pdftex nows two new units:
  - new Didot (1nd=0.375mm)
  - new Cicero (1nc=12nd)

- New primitive \pdfpkmode, which is a token register that sets the MF mode for
  pixel font generation. The contents of this register is dumped into the
  format, so one can (optionally) preset it e.g. in part of pdftexconfig.tex.

- New primitives: pdfTeX now has an interface to the precise system time (if
  available) as an aid in benchmarking TeX macro code. 
  Two new primitives are provided:
  - \elapsedtime is a read-only integer that (initially) returns the amount of
    time passed since the start of this run. This amount is given in `scaled
    seconds': the value 65536 counts as one second. If more time has passed
    than 32767 seconds, (2^31)-1 will be returned.
  - \resettime updates the internal timer, such that subsequent calls to
    \elapsedtime will restart from 0.

- New primitive \pdfxformname <object number>, which expands to the number
  in the corresponding form XObject name.

- New primitives \leftmarginkern <box number> and \rightmarginkern <box number>
  for specifying the margin kern at the left and right side of the horizontal
  list stored in box <box number>.

- Inclusion of pngs has been greatly improved: It now does
  - alpha channel and transparency (only if %!PDF >=1.4)
  - 16-bit colour (only if %!PDF >=1.5); this must be enabled by setting
    \pdfimagehicolor to 1.
  - gamma correction; this must be enabled by setting \pdfimageapplygamma to 1.
    The device gamma is taken from \pdfgamma. If no embedded value can be found
    in the png image, then the value of \pdfimagegamma is used instead.

- The effects of font expansion can now be logged:
  There is now a new integer variable \pdftracingfonts. It is zero by default,
  then we get a log (with fontexpansion) like this
  ...\tenrm t
  ...\tenrm (+20) e
  Without font expansion, this default should be compatible with TeX's original
  log output.
  If \pdftracingfonts is set to 1 (or greater), we get a more verbose log:
  ...\xivtt (cmtt10 at 14.0pt) t
  ...\xivtt (cmtt10+20 at 14.0pt) e
  See also bug 304.

- The primitive \pdfmovechar has been removed (bug 294)

- Bugfix: empty strings are not supressed anymore (bug 335)

- Bugfix: \unhboxing and character protusion didn't work well together (bug

- Bugfix: --jobname didn't work if there was no filename at all (bug 302)

- Bugfix: Some problem with fonts on solaris (bug 315)

- Bugfix: \pdfxform didn't work with box>255 (bug 310)

- Bugfix: protruding can lead to "This can't happen(paragraph)." (bug 292)

Thanh: I changed only NEWS, README, pdftex.ch and pdftex.mk (you
forgot pdftex2.ch). I didn't include texk/dvipsk as it's not
needed for pdftex; we'll have to figure out a way to pass that


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