[NTG-pdftex] Extensions: \pdf$foo or \$foo?

Martin Schröder martin at oneiros.de
Fri Jul 1 20:04:27 CEST 2005

On 2005-07-01 16:13:59 +0200, Hans Hagen wrote:
> so, for latex the solution would be (in the latex specific initialization 
> file):
> \let\pdfmatch\match \let\match\undefined
> That way you get (1) a prefix (one that will not clash with other prefixes) 
> and (2) we keep tex prefix-clean

Yes, that would be possible (e.g. in pdftexconfig.tex in tetex).
But it needs a special format and it's non-portable. The reverse
would also be possible: \let\match\ptexmatch

Our "problem" is that TeX, the LaTeX kernel and plain.tex are
very stable, so nobody expects new primitives from the engine.
And we don't want to break backwards compatibility with old

The only way for this is a reserved namespace like \ptex (it
seems only texinfo uses it, and it's use won't break with a new

I suggest introducing non-pdf-extensions with \ptex$foo.


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