[NTG-pdftex] dvipdfmx

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Thu Dec 22 15:50:46 CET 2005

Martin � wrote:

>On 2005-12-13 13:52:30 +0100, Martin Schr�der wrote:
>>1.40 (200603):
>>- all the current patches plus \primitive et.al
>>- cleanup the code (fewer patchfiles) to have a better starting
>>  point for lua
>>- move project to Gforge hosted by Fabrice, and setup a complete
>>  code repository there
>>- start of "pdfTeX news"
>>- more bits, i.e. use more than 16 (and enough) where possible
>>1.60 or later
>>- general map file handling for pdfTeX and all programs that use
>>  map files
>>- OpenType -- this requires more bits and can be done in steps
>>- lua -- integration can be done post 1.40, but the TeX<->Lua
>>  interface needs much testing and developement, so lua will stay
>>  experimental for quite some time

- take relevant bit and pieces of aleph, esp r-l typesetting so that 
pdftex+lua can replace aleph
- additional font features (beyond open type)
- lua input preprocessing (replacement for otp's)

>>sometime (i.e. whenever it's ready)
>>- tagged pdf
>>- merging hyperlinks in included documents
>Btw: We talked about dvipdfmx. When will pdftex have all of it's
>features? I vaguely remember that we are not missing very much.
there is this cid stuff (thanh wanted to add those unicode vectors 


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