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Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Thu Dec 15 06:04:27 CET 2005

>>>>> "Hans" == Hans Hagen <pragma at wxs.nl> writes:

  > maybe also add hz support for ttf fonts

  > (currently limited to type1; why?)

The hz algorithm changes the FontMatrix of the font.  The FontMatrix
is a property of a Type1 font.  If you want to do it in a more general
way you have to change the PDF text matrix.  But though this had been
done in dvipdfm, it's not easy.

BTW., for the same reason ExtendFont and SlantFont do not work with TTF.

Changing the text matrix would be better because currently a font is
included more than once if font expansion is used.

There is another nasty thing: CFF fonts can have a single font with
different font matrices, but there is a restriction in the PDF spec
which allows only one FontMatrix for a particular CFF font.

Changing the text matrix would have a few advantages:

  * The file size will be significantly smaller.  This did not matter
    in the past because very few people used font expansion, but with
    the advent of \autoexpand and microtype.sty it will affect many
    files now.

  * ExtendFont and SlantFont will work with TTF fonts as well.

  * If dvi output is required, pdftex can insert a \special which
    changes PostScript's matrix in a similar way as it does it for pdf
    output.  This will not work for TTF in dvips, though.

Hans, you are the second one who asked (I asked Thanh a few years
ago), so I think that the priority is not very high.

I think that it should be put on a TODO list.  I also recommend to
look into Mark Wick's sources.  He already solved this problem.

What is needed to make dvips able to process TTF?  If no subsetting is
required, will dvips be able to deal with Type42?  Type42 can be
created from TTF on-the-fly.  Is it difficult to insert the pdftex TTF
subsetting code into dvips?

It is useful to care about dvi output and dvips because many people
ask how to use psfrag and using dvips -E and epstopdf is a simple


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