[NTG-pdftex] Roadmap

Martin Schröder martin at oneiros.de
Tue Dec 13 13:52:30 CET 2005

this weekend I've met Hans, Hartmut and Taco in Schwetzingen (we
attended the christmas party of the Darmstadt TeXies with Hermann
Zapf) and we discussed the status and future of pdfTeX.

We came down with this "roadmap":

1.40 (200603):
- all the current patches plus \primitive et.al
- cleanup the code (fewer patchfiles) to have a better starting
  point for lua
- move project to Gforge hosted by Fabrice, and setup a complete
  code repository there
- start of "pdfTeX news"

- more bits, i.e. use more than 16 (and enough) where possible

1.60 or later
- general map file handling for pdfTeX and all programs that use
  map files
- OpenType -- this requires more bits and can be done in steps
- lua -- integration can be done post 1.40, but the TeX<->Lua
  interface needs much testing and developement, so lua will stay
  experimental for quite some time

sometime (i.e. whenever it's ready)
- tagged pdf
- merging hyperlinks in included documents


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