[NTG-pdftex] 1.40.0-alpha-20051205

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Mon Dec 5 11:39:47 CET 2005

Pawel Jackowski wrote:

> Martin Schr�der napisa�(a):
>> http://sarovar.org/download.php/846/pdftex-1.40.0-alpha-20051205.tar.bz2
> [...]
>> It's roughly tested: The manual still compiles.
> But samplepdf doesn't compile.
>     Runaway argument?
>     ! Paragraph ended before \handleMPsequence was complete.
>     <to be read again>
>                        \par
>     l.2
> I haven't touch this part at all. Has anybody?

(1) maybe clean-up old mpgraph.* files
(2) maybe your format uses an old supp-pdf (somewhere else in the three) 
with a new context

there has been a change (in metafun) with regards to the amount of 
special things (jump from 1K to 10K) but this is (if i'm right) made in 
an upward compatible way


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