[NTG-pdftex] still probelms with inclusion

The Thanh Han The Thanh Han <hanthethanh@myrealbox.com>
Mon, 17 May 2004 10:21:41 +0700


let's make things simple. For `proper inclusion' you don't need a double
set of map files. When a pdf file is being included, all the metrics &
encodings are copied, just font files are passed to pdftex if the font
names are found in map files.

So given a font in a pdf figure, when you include this figure there are
2 options:

1) font name is not found in map files: then it is copied

2) font name is found in map files: it should be handled by pdftex if
possible, otherwise it should be copied. The point is what `possible'
means here. There are two requirements:

a) the font file is avail. to pdftex; this check has been done by

b) the metric is avail. to pdf: this check is being discussed now.

If you need more fine control, we can extend the mechanism so
all fonts in an included pdf are copied if needed (for example by giving
a keyword after \pdfximage), regardless whether their names are found in
map files or not.


> Imagine that you processed a file in 2001 using a certain font setup (could 
> be a pdftex file, but also one produced by GS or whatever) and wants to 
> include a page from that  file in a document in 2004. How can you be sure 
> that in spite of the name, the font is exactly teh same? It could be an 
> update, or a subset, or the new one could have more glyphs (euros added for 
> instance). I just found out that for obscure reasons the urw paths became 
> urw35vf and users who copy trees over old trees may have ended up with 
> duplicates (old ones are found then due to alphabetical searching) etc etc. 
> it's a mess out there and it's not going to improve soon, so pdftex should 
> be as clever as possible. It's better have too many fonts in a file 
> (duplicates) then to get the wrong ones. So the question is, what to check 
> for and when to ignore. Keep in mind that people get files from everywhere 
> (i'm dealing with files from all kind of applications and esp those urw 
> files are all over the place and we cannot know how/what people changed; 
> btw, this is one reason why i'm glad that fonts are often copyrighted).
> If you provide this \pdfoptionsignorefontname or maybe 
> \pdfoptionsfontmethod or whatever, at least we have some control, else i 
> have to ship a double set of map files (i just wrote a stripper) for the 
> sake of robust inclusion. I have to make a decision because i don't want to 
> keep messing aroudn with the distribution (tex live deadlines and so).
> Hans