[NTG-pdftex] Re: [pdftex] Who does the releases?

The Thanh Han The Thanh Han <hanthethanh@myrealbox.com>
Tue, 11 May 2004 09:05:14 +0700

Hi Martin,

> Thanh,
> I was surprised by the release today (learned of it through
> tetex-pretest). I suggest renaming it to 1.20a-rc3 and splitting
> off pdfxtex ASAP.

I was told that you were not very happy with the latest upload, because
it overwrote the stable sources in texlive/tetex. I am sorry to hear
about that. However, I would like to clarify a few points:

1) I think that the pdftex sources are in the development branch, and they
   are moved to the stable branch only when Sebastian approves it.

2) I am not aware that I should not do a release. We have agreed that
   you will be doing/monitoring/scheduling releases. Does it mean that I 
   should not make any release at all. Then can you please tell me how I
   should name my changes?

3) It's not clear to me why pdfxtex should be gone ASAP. If it should
   not be built by default, isn't it better to change the config files not to
   compile it unless an option `--with-pdfxtex' is explicitly given?

4) At the meantime, I will rename the latest sources to 1.20a-rc3 as you
   suggested. My next changes will be uploaded to pdftex.sarovar.org
   and wait there until we agree that they can be released.

5) If something goes wrong, can you please let me know directly.

Best regards,