[NTG-pdftex] procsets

Hans Hagen pragma@wxs.nl
Thu, 25 Mar 2004 11:58:54 +0100

The ref manual says:

9.1 Procedure Sets
The PDF operators used in content streams are grouped into categories of 
operators called procedure sets (see Table 9.1). Each procedure set 
corresponds to
a named resource containing the implementations of the operators in that 
set. The ProcSet entry in a content stream's resource dictionary (see Section
3.7.2, "Resource Dictionaries") holds an array consisting of the names of the
procedure sets used in that content stream. These procedure sets are used only
when the content stream is printed to a PostScript output device; the names
identify PostScript procedure sets that must be sent to the device to 
interpret the
PDF operators in the content stream. Each element of this array must be one of
the predefined names shown in Table 9.1. (See implementation note 102 in
Appendix H.)
TABLE 9.1 Predefined procedure sets
PDF Painting and graphics state
Text Text
ImageB Grayscale images or image masks
ImageC Color images
ImageI Indexed (color-table) images
Note: Beginning with PDF 1.4, this feature is considered obsolete. For 
with existing viewer applications, PDF producer applications should continue to
specify procedure sets (preferably all of those listed in Table 9.1, unless 
it is known
that fewer are needed). However, viewer applications should not depend on 
the correctness
of this information.

So ... i think that pdftex can omit that strange animal from now on or 
maybe optionally do so


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