[NTG-pdftex] open problems with 1.20a

The Thanh Han hanthethanh at myrealbox.com
Sat Jul 31 10:21:58 CEST 2004

> - fixed a few problems with handling fonts in included pdf.
> ?

the most prominent change was the way pdftex handles tfm of fonts found
in included pdf's. Thanks to Harmut's work on using the avl library,
things are much cleaner now.

> - support for auto font expansion -- expanded TFM's are not required
> ?
> Needs some example runs to see how it now works. Also what's now with
> these obsolete expanded font files like font+15.tfm or MM instances like
> font-30.pfb: Do they hurt? Can they still be used? All this is cleaned
> up, or?

if auto expansion is not used, then pdftex behaviour doesn't change. The
only thing that is gone is the font expansion factor, which proved to
cause a lot of troubles and didn't bring any benefit. My intention was
to use this parameter to simulate font expansion by letterspacing. 

In short, auto font expansion is just like `normal' font expansion,
except that a few things are done automatically ;)


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