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Sun Mar 26 10:39:45 CEST 2023

Every user has his or her own preferred test editor. Over years I have 
used Emacs for just about everything except the kitchen sink, but not, 
as it happens, for ConTeXt.

For what it's worth here is what I use:

(1) TeXworks. All one has to do is indicate the correct path to ConText 
in the setup for this program, depending on your OS and where you have 
installed it, e.g. home/yourname/bin/context/tex/texmf-linux-64/bin if 
you are using Linux and have installed it in \bin. Then choose ConTeXt 
(LuaTeX) as the processing tool.

(2) But to make things a lot easier, I also use Federico's text expander 
<https://espanso.org/>. This just saves so much time, especially for so 
many \start...\stop sequences.  For example, in espanso I might have:

# blockquote
   - trigger: ":bq"
     replace: |

And this means all I have to do is type :bq and as you can sense from 
the example above, I have the \start and \stop and intervening space all 
ready to work with.
Hope it helps!

On 26/3/23 19:22, Alexandre Christe via ntg-context wrote:
> Dear ConTeXt users,
> I'm wondering what kind of typesetting system / syntax highlighting / 
> completion you're using.
> I've been using myself the simple_Context package for SublimeText 
> which I scavenged a while ago before it was made unavailable (I wanted 
> to attach but it's too big for the list). But it's sort of a dead-end.
> Open to anything from vim/neovim to emacs or more exotic. Maybe it 
> would be nice to show the config. (And yes I've seen the Wiki page 
> https://wiki.contextgarden.net/Text_Editorsbut I've the feeling some 
> content is outdated.)
> Thanks in advance,
> Alex
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