[NTG-context] Building fomula

Willi Egger w.egger at boede.nl
Sat Mar 25 18:08:03 CET 2023

Good afternoon everybody,

I should place two faily simple formulae next to each other, they should be coupled by ‘or’. What I have now is, that the formulae indeed are next to each other and separated by ‘or’, but the result of the second formula is moved und this formula to the next line.
In the setup of  book there would be enough place, if I coud decrease the space left and right of the ‘or’.

How can I achieve this?



      {\frac{47 \times 62}{44 \times 56}} \times {12}
      {{\frac{47 \times 62 \times 12}{44 \times 56}}=14.2 \rm kilo}
  rounded 14 kilo.

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