[NTG-context] \setupTABLE: framecolor

Henning Hraban Ramm texml at fiee.net
Sat Mar 25 10:48:00 CET 2023

Am 25.03.23 um 06:45 schrieb jbf via ntg-context:
> Hi, I am struggling with the last row of a table which, according to its 
> author, should have a black bottomframe, but gray (I am using a defined 
> 'lightgray') for the sides. The first row has a black frame. All 
> intermediate rows have gray.
> I have no difficulty achieving the first row, and the black bottomframe 
> for the last row, but I have been unable to get the last row sides to be 
> gray. Here is the current setups that I have:
> \setupTABLE[frame=off]
> \setupTABLE[row] [first] [topframe=on,bottomframe=on,style=bold]
> \setupTABLE[row][2][topframe=on]
> \setupTABLE[row][2][topframe=off,rightframe=on,leftframe=on,framecolor=lightgray]
> \setupTABLE[row][3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21][frame=on, framecolor=lightgray]
> \setupTABLE[row] [last] [bottomframe=on,style=normal]
> My first row is fine and all but the topframe of row 2 is 'lightgray'; 
> all following rows are 'lightgray'. The last row (22) has a black 
> bottomframe, but how could I achieve 'lightgray' for rightframe, 
> leftframe? If I add a new setup e.g.
> \setupTABLE[row][last][rightframe=on,leftframe=on,framecolor=lightgray] 
> then I lose the bottomframe in black. I have tried all kinds of 
> combinations but unsuccessfully.

Table cells are based on \framed, and there doesn’t seem to be an option 
to have different colors of parts of the frame (e.g. bottomframecolor…)

You can use a MetaPost graphic as background, like in the “diagonal” 

HTH, Hraban

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