[NTG-context] building from source

Rainer J.H. Brandt rjhb at bb-c.de
Tue Mar 21 12:14:33 CET 2023

Dear Context developers,

I want to build Context MkXL from source and use that.  I went to the
download page http://www.pragma-ade.com/download-1.htm and downloaded
the 2023-03-20 version:

This contains README.adoc which tells me that information can be found
on https://wiki.contextgarden.net.

I don't find any further information about building from source, either
in the dowloaded material, or on the wiki or the pragma-ade.com site.

What am I overlooking?

Thanks, Rainer
Rainer J.H. Brandt
Email: rjhb at bb-c.de

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