[NTG-context] rotated headers in natural tables

Wolfgang Schuster wolfgang.schuster.lists at gmail.com
Fri Mar 17 14:03:44 CET 2023

Henning Hraban Ramm via ntg-context schrieb am 15.03.2023 um 19:15:
> Hi!
> In my table, I want the header texts to be 90Ëš rotated and aligned to 
> the bottom of their cell. I couldn’t find an option to do that.
> Tried \dontleavehmode or \hfill in my \RtH macro to no avail.
> Is it possible?
> \define[1]{\RtH}{\rotate{#1}}
> \starttext
> \setupTABLE[offset=3pt]
> \setupTABLE[header][background=color,backgroundcolor=yellow,align=bottom]
> \bTABLEhead
> \bTR \bTH\RtH{animal}\eTH \bTH\RtH{size}\eTH \bTH\RtH{weight}\eTH 
> \bTH\RtH{average speed}\eTH \eTR

You can change the vertical alignment in a framed (and therefore also
natural tables and extreme tables) with align=high, align=low and 

     \bTH \dontleavehmode\rotate{animal} \eTH
     \bTH \dontleavehmode\rotate{size} \eTH
     \bTH \dontleavehmode\rotate{weight} \eTH
     \bTH \dontleavehmode\rotate{average speed} \eTH

\dontleavehmode is only needed when you set horizontal alignment
(align=middle) and strut=no ensures there is no extra space at the bottom
of the cells (remove the setting to see the difference).


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