[NTG-context] Absolute positioning of \startcombination... \stopcombination

Keith McKay mckaymeister at gmail.com
Fri Mar 17 13:11:15 CET 2023

Thanks for your reply Pablo. I didn't see it till just now because for 
some reason it ended up in my junk folder, along with a number of other 
ConTeXt messages. You will probably have seen my reply to the list with 
the three solutions, now we have four!

Yep, I know that A4 is the default page size and I always start with 
that but sometimes I play about with page sizes when typesetting and so 
can just change when coding.

In the document I'm working on, some pages will only contain images 
and/or combination of images so I went down the Layers route since this 
also allows me to absolutely position these images on the page.

Thanks again for your help!

Best Wishes

Keith McKay

On 16/03/2023 17:58, Pablo Rodriguez via ntg-context wrote:
> On 3/16/23 17:59, Keith McKay via ntg-context wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I would like to position a combination of images where the centre of the
>> combination coincides with the centre of the text area of a page.
> Hi Keith,
> I think the following sample might achieve what you want:
>    \showframe
>    \setupexternalfigures[location={default}]
>    \setuplayout
>      [backspace=2.5cm,
>      topspace=1cm,
>      height=28cm,
>      width=17cm,
>      header=0cm,
>      footer=0.75cm,
>      ]
>    \definelayer[test3]
>    %[x=.5\paperwidth, y=.5\paperheight]
>    [x=.5\textwidth, y=.5\textheight]
>    %\setupbackgrounds[page]
>    \setupbackgrounds[text]
>    [background=test3]
>    \starttext
>    \setlayer[test3][location={middle}]
>       \framed[offset=overlay]{{\startcombination[nx=3,ny=1,distance=15mm]
>              {\externalfigure[cow][width=15mm]}{}
>              \rotate[rotation=90]{\externalfigure[cow][width=15mm]}{}
>              {\externalfigure[cow][width=15mm]}{}
>       \stopcombination}}
>    \null
>    \stoptext
> BTW, A4 portrait is the default page size.
> \setupbackgrounds is the standard way to place layers.
> Page and text centering would require different positions (I have
> commented out the option for page centering).
> I hope it helps (since I’m not sure I’m getting your point here),
> Pablo
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