[NTG-context] Automatic numbering of footnotes set with \note (not with \footnote)

Joaquín Ataz López jal at um.es
Wed Mar 15 10:19:48 CET 2023

Good Morning to all list members.

I am writing a document with very long footnotes, and in order not to 
break (in the source file) the flow of the main text, instead of using 
the \footnote macro, I introduce the footnotes using \note[label] at the 
point where the call to the footnote should be placed, and in a separate 
place in the source file I write the text associated to the footnote 
using \footnotetext[label].

This works quite well and allows to create a more readable source file. 
There is, nevertheless, a small inconvenience, and it is that when 
processing the document ConTeXt goes numbering automatically the notes, 
attending to the order in which they are, in the source file, the 
\footnotetext commands. Would there be a simple way so that the 
automatic numbering follows the order of the \note commands, and not 
that of \footnotetext? Maybe something with \startbuffer combined with a 


Joaquín Ataz López
Departamento de Derecho civil
Universidad de Murcia

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