[NTG-context] natural table oddities

Henning Hraban Ramm texml at fiee.net
Tue Mar 14 17:50:15 CET 2023

Working on the documentation for “natural tables” I stumbled upon a few 
I’d like to know if there are misunderstandings on my part or if the 
behavior is intentional.

BTW enattab.pdf is missing in the LMTX distribution.

## Options

* before/after/inbetween values don’t appear anywhere.
* spaceinbetween should insert between rows, but nothing happens.
* splitoffset doesn’t seem to change anything.
* What’s samepage for?

## Addressing cells

* It’s not possible to address single cells with \setupTABLE, or is it?

* There’s \setupTABLE[header], but not "footer" (or "section"); since we 
have TABLEhead and TABLEfoot, IMO "head" and "foot" would make sense.

* Row 1 is the first row of TABLEbody. I couldn’t find how to address 
the first line of TABLEbody.

* Is it possible, and how, to use odd/even only for the body?

* If I format a column, e.g. \setupTABLE[c][-1][color=red], body and 
foot are formatted, but not the same column in header. (I found out, if 
I use TD instead of TH in the header, it works.)

* I don’t understand the addressing options "start" and "one".

## Formatting

* maxwidth doesn’t seem to have an effect, neither on the whole table 
nor on a column.
* textwidth works only for the whole table.
* width gets stretched if option=stretch; i.e. you can’t fix the width 
of single cells or columns.

## Page breaking

* What’s the difference between [split=repeat] and 
[split=yes,header=repeat], i.e. which sense makes the header option)?

* Is there an option to repeat the footer (as the last line of each 
page)? (I’d imagine to use it in an invoice or similar calculation for a 
subtotal – that would imply some more magic…)


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