[NTG-context] Bug in maths environment: thematrix

Otared Kavian otared at gmail.com
Thu Mar 9 14:45:08 CET 2023

Hi Hans,

I noticed that in some situations the command \thematrix does not show all its arguments correctly: some parts are omitted in the typeset formula. In some occasions adding some groupings solves the issue, but not always. I noticed this bug two weeks ago, but could not produce a minimal example until now…

Please see below, in particular the output for the matrices M_1, M_2 and M_3…

Best regards: Otared

% begin bug-thematrix.tex
:= \thematrix{{\rm e}^s ; {\rm e}^t}, \qquad
B_{1}(t) := \thematrix{1 , {\rm e}^t},

:= \thematrix{{{\rm e}^s} , {{\rm e}^t}}, \qquad
B_{2}(t) := \thematrix{0 ; {{\rm e}^t}},

= \thematrix{{\rm e}^s, {\rm e}^t ; 0 , {\rm e}^t}.

= \thematrix{1, {{\rm e}^t} + 1 ; 0 , {{\rm e}^t}}.

% end bug-thematrix.tex

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