[NTG-context] Visual highlighted text with title, mix of enumeration and framedtext

Gerion Entrup gerion.entrup at flump.de
Mon Mar 6 12:19:42 CET 2023


I want to typeset a "Good to know" section that is visually highlighted
and can spawn across multiple pages.

In LaTeX this would be possible with the mdframed package. See the
attached screenshot for an example how it might look like (it is copied
out of page 4: Definition: Inhomogeneous linear of the mdframed

I have searched in the wiki and found \defineenumeration:
This is near of that what I need. However I explicitly does not need an
enumeration (so no number or counter). Also I am not sure if I can set a
background and so on.

The other possibility is \defineframedtext. For example this goes much
in the direction that I want:

However, there does not seem a possibility to define a title and it
seems to not work on multiple pages.

Is there a mix of an enumeration and framedtext that can produce
something like in the attached picture?

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