[NTG-context] Float control

denis.maier at unibe.ch denis.maier at unibe.ch
Tue Feb 28 11:45:52 CET 2023

Hi everyone,

I've recently had to typeset a document that gave me some headaches with the floats. The floats where jumping around, appearing in a different order than in the source file, tables ended up split up at weird points, some positioning keys had not the intended effect (e.g. top), <page> moved the float more than seemed necessary for me... I know, TeX's float positioning algorithm should be rather reliable and stable, and it's quite possible that I'm messing things up in my setups-especially since my source files are XML.

Anyway, I'd like to learn more about the whole float issue. Is there anything particular I could read to learn more about the whole thing? Maybe I'm missing out on something fundamental...

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