[NTG-context] \setupparagraphs - can they run over two pages?

mf massifr at fastwebnet.it
Mon Feb 27 13:26:25 CET 2023

I would try \setuptabulate, \starttabulate ... \stoptabulate.

It has some limitations (though Hans added some features recently), but 
it should work.


Il 24/02/23 06:41, jbf via ntg-context ha scritto:
> I have the following setup for side-by-side paras.
> \defineparagraphs[Two][n=2]
> \setupparagraphs[Two][1][width=.1\textwidth,style=\bfx,align=tolerant]
> \setupparagraphs[Two][2][width=.9\textwidth,style=normal,align=tolerant]
> My difficulty is that while there is only ever just a couple of numbers 
> in the left-hand 'column', the right-hand 'column' may have several 
> lengthy paragraphs. If I have one relatively short \startTwo followed by 
> one that is much longer, it will be forced to start on the next page, 
> leaving too much empty space on the previous page.
> It is probable that getting this environment to split across pages is 
> not possible. I can try very different approaches (columns, tables) to 
> solve my problem, but I thought I would at least ask first.
> Julian
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