[NTG-context] How to add data from another PDF in index?

Joel uaru99 at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 24 06:43:01 CET 2023

I am making a textbook and workbook set.
I have this custom index using this code, in both the textbook and workbook:
\setupregister[learnedshort][style=sansbold, textstyle=slanted, n=2, pagenumber=yes, indicator=no]
\setupregister[learnedlong][style=sansbold, textstyle=slanted, n=2, pagenumber=yes, indicator=no]
    \txt{} \getvalue{#1}


\learnedis{blah blah}

\input knuth

\learnedis{some more}


My question is, can I have references to the Workbook page numbers in the textbook? And visa-versa?

For instance, the Textbook index currently looks like this:
blah blah 1
some more 2
With the data in the Workbook it might look like this:
blah blah 1, WB: 1, 3-8

some more 2, WB: 8-9
yet more WB: 10, 12

Is this possible to merge index information like this?
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