[NTG-context] lmtx update

Hans Hagen j.hagen at xs4all.nl
Mon Feb 6 18:21:41 CET 2023


We were considering to drop the virtual math fonts mechanism (which has 
served its purpose in the transition in the very early days of luatex 
but became obsolete as math fonts evolved) but in the end we were forced 
keep this feature and even upgrade it because we liked iwona, kurier and 
anwykwa math too much. A typical case where one needs a week for 
reviewing, supporting, discussing, testing a few fonts, so let's hope it 
wi;l be used. Iwona and Kurier are nice sansish fonts and antykwa has a 
rather distinctive look and feel.

The current variant works okay for most of math (in most weights of the 
fonts)  but then, these fonts are not used for complex math or math 
using obscure symbols anyway.

It can also serve as a test case for somewhat ancient fonts but it is 
configured in the modern way we like more (as we might completely drop 
old code paths some day anyway).

And so, this update is dedicated to Janusz Nowacki, a Polish font 
friend, who passed away some time ago.

% \setupbodyfont[iwona]
% \setupbodyfont[kurier]
% \setupbodyfont[antykwa]

Hans & Mikael

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