[NTG-context] Sentence breaks for "English-style" (TeX default in English language) spacing regime

Henry House hajhouse at hajhouse.org
Fri Feb 3 19:11:42 CET 2023

List: What method should one use to code whitespace after a period as
being sentence-ending, not midsentence, when not employing French
spacing? For example, if one writes

"... John Doe, PhD.  Next sentence x y z ... ."

the space in "PhD.  Next".

In LaTeX, we have "\@. " (code whitespace following puctuation mark as
sentence-separating length) and "\ " (code space as intrasentence
length) to adjust the magical behavior of ASCII spaces. By
experimentation I have found that "Prof.\ Smith" works as expected in
ConTeXt but "PhD\@. Next sentence ..." is a nonexistent control code.

        Prof. Smith % heuristic thinks that the period ends a sentence --- wrong typesetting behavior
        Prof.\ Smith % coded as space after abbreviation not sentence-separating space --- correct typesetting behavior under English spacing regime


        PhD\@. Next sentence % Official LaTeX method, nonexistent control


https://wiki.contextgarden.net/French_spacing Not helpful alas.

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