[NTG-context] notes by paragraph

Pablo Rodriguez oinos at gmx.es
Sat Jan 28 13:22:43 CET 2023

On 1/28/23 03:58, jbf via ntg-context wrote:
> Re my earlier question on footnotes by defined paragraph:
> \start...stoplocalfootnotes and \placelocalfootnotes largely solves the
> issue (had forgotten that option), but I am still getting the footnotes
> repeated at the bottom of the page. I am obviously missing a setting.
> There are parts of this text that do require the usual footnotes at the
> bottom, so I would not want to turn off this option permanently. I have
> tried \setupnotation[footnote][display=no] but that is not working.

Hi Julian,

\setupnote[footnote][location=none] might help.

Since you don’t provide a minimal sample to play with, I cannot tell
whether this works or not.

Just in case it helps,


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