[NTG-context] Printing mailing list labels

Bruce Horrocks ntg at scorecrow.com
Thu Jan 26 00:42:49 CET 2023

If you've ever struggled with Word's or (worse) LibreOffice's mail merge features to print a mailing list onto sticky labels then this might be of interest.

I've created some macros and an example file showing how to print address labels on Avery L7160 paper (which is 7 rows of 3 labels on A4) and uploaded them here.

- full control over label content (can even differ from one label to the next if necessary)
- easily use up a part-used sheet of labels to avoid waste
- read address data from a CSV file
- easily support different address formats for different international destinations
- option to preview on plain paper
- even label your labels in the page header so you remember why you printed them!

No licence - the files are placed in the public domain. Feedback welcome.
Bruce Horrocks
Hampshire, UK

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