[NTG-context] ConTeXt features in pandoc 3

Saša Janiška sjaniska at atmarama.net
Tue Jan 24 07:22:31 CET 2023

On Mon, 23 Jan 2023 08:22:46 +0100
juh via ntg-context <ntg-context at ntg.nl> wrote:

> At work at my cooperative Hostsharing eG we use the way Markdown -->
> Pandoc --> ConTeXt and we are quite happy with the results. Sadly I
> don't have time to document it in full up to now.

OK. thanks.

> For my own writing I was using Markdown --> Pandoc --> ConTeXt for
> quite a while and was happy with it, too. Recently I switched to
> Org-Mode as I started to use org-roam to organize my Zettelkasten and
> want to make use of the org-mode TODO workflow states to organize the
> writing process. I use org-pandoc to export from org-mode/emacs to
> context. 

Interesting. I'm also into Zettelaksten, but consider to just use index cards. :-)

> I can also use ox-context but I have difficulties to
> customize it to my needs. 

I see...

> The main problem is that both org-pandoc and ox-context are developed
> by very few people. My lisp knowledge is very limited so I have to
> stick with what is there.

Here I am with you. ;)

> Having a solid pipe from the first ideas to the print pdf would be
> nice. For now I would say that the exports from org-mode are the weak
> element in the chain. But if they fail I can export to Markdown and
> do the last steps via Markdown --> Pandoc.

Consdidering that either way, iow. both for Markdown or org-mode, I bet that 
some work is to be done on the exported markup before producing PDF, I wonder 
if you write/tweak ConTeXt markup in Emacs?

For that purpose I also played a bit with digestif...

> That said I have to confess that I do more sophisticated layout things
> like flyers in pure ConTeXt as it is much faster.  

I can imagine, but I've a long way before mastering ConTeXt...still I'm 
confident that for producing a book it is better option than fiddling with 
LaTex - I did two books long ago using it along with LyX - but for preparing 
the content, it could be easier to do it using markdown/org-mode.


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