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Am Sun, Jan 22, 2023 at 04:11:09PM +0100 schrieb Saša Janiška via ntg-context:
> I'll probably start to work on a book soon and would like to typeset it using 
> ConTeXt, but wonder which markup to use as a source in a Markdown (via Pandoc) 
> --> ConTeXt or possibly org-mode (via Pandoc) --> ConTeXt?
> Anyone has some serious experience with org-mode (via ox-context) --> ConTeXt?

At work at my cooperative Hostsharing eG we use the way Markdown -->
Pandoc --> ConTeXt and we are quite happy with the results. Sadly I
don't have time to document it in full up to now.

For my own writing I was using Markdown --> Pandoc --> ConTeXt for quite
a while and was happy with it, too. Recently I switched to Org-Mode as I
started to use org-roam to organize my Zettelkasten and want to make use
of the org-mode TODO workflow states to organize the writing process. I
use org-pandoc to export from org-mode/emacs to context. I can also use
ox-context but I have difficulties to customize it to my needs. 

The main problem is that both org-pandoc and ox-context are developed by
very few people. My lisp knowledge is very limited so I have to stick
with what is there.

Having a solid pipe from the first ideas to the print pdf would be nice.
For now I would say that the exports from org-mode are the weak element
in the chain. But if they fail I can export to Markdown and do the last
steps via Markdown --> Pandoc.

That said I have to confess that I do more sophisticated layout things
like flyers in pure ConTeXt as it is much faster.  


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