[NTG-context] Why won't custom indexes work when the value comes from \getvalue?

Joel uaru99 at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 21 16:33:03 CET 2023

I setup a custom index like this (see minimum example code below):
The problem is, when I try to create an index entry, using \setcoreidea, but place \getvalue inside, it won't render, ex.: \setcoreidea{\getvalue{secret1}}
As you can see in this sample code, \setcoreidea will work fine, but when \getvalue{} is placed inside, it can't find the value.

Any suggestions?

\defineregister[coreidea][compress=yes]\setupregister[coreidea][style=sansbold, textstyle=slanted, n=2, pagenumber=yes, indicator=no]


\setvalue{secret1}{this won't work}



\setcoreidea{this works}

\input knuth
\input knuth
\input knuth
\input knuth


        \startchapter[title=Core Ideas]

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