[NTG-context] ConTeXt features in pandoc 3

Pawel Urbanski urbanski.pawel at gmail.com
Sat Jan 21 00:48:03 CET 2023

> Hi Albert,

Fantastic news. Thanks to Pandoc and completions in editors I can create
great looking documents at the speed of light...
Since you've asked for ideas or suggestions here are a few:
** Create a Pandoc markdown directive that woulc allow for document
includes - in the style and spirit of Context components.
** Add the ability to place a pandoc.yaml file in the folder so it can be
picked by Pandoc to get options for this folder and contained documents,
** Use LUA to run something like pipes inside Pandoc itself - LUA could be
the format for the 'pandoc' file I've mentioned,
** Something Context and accessibility related:
Screen readers allow to navigate quickly by element type, for example:
heading / list / form elements. Headings are very useful to quickly move
around the document but htere is one corner case. Context splits the
heading number and heading itself into separate parts.
When doing this quick navigation the user hears for example: 1.2 or 3.4 and
need to reach for the arrow keys to scroll to the next logical line to read
the very heading.
I don't know if it is possible at the tagging level to combine the number
and the heading tible togehter wiht a space in between, os htey are not
stringed together in an unnatural way. Taggs are a bit like a parallel
 Please drop a line if you would like to digg further...

All the best,
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