[NTG-context] A new version of the PocketDiary module and a collection of examples for creating calenders

Willi Egger w.egger at boede.nl
Fri Jan 20 18:25:56 CET 2023

Hi everybody,

I uploaded a new version of the PocketDiary module to the ConTeXt garden. The version 2.2 is providing the  calendar functionality as it is presented in PocketMods (https://pocketmod.com/). It includes day, week, month and year tables. There are two variations of the outcome. The first is that the module creates a week calendar with eahc working day on one page and the weekend on one page. The other version allows to setup an individual setup of the pages. This module also comes with a couple of templates for general information keeping. The new version includes also sun and moon data calculations. The latest version now calculates the Daylight Saving Time automatically for America and Europe or none if desired.

Next to this I uploaded a collection of calendars based on the PocketDiary module’s machinery. These calendars are typeset either as A6 or A5 sized pages printed on A4 paper and impositioned for making books.. There is also a photo-calender on A4 paper.

Calendar types included are: year calendar with 1 day per page, year calendar with 1 week on two facing pages, a menu calendar and a sun and moon data calendar.

Also included in this collection is a so called date-driven list generator. This allows to produce lists with any kind of date interval in days for any duration. It allows to adjust the number of columns in the list as well as changing the column heads to the requirements of the list.

I hope that some of you might find this helpful.

Kind regards


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